Session Fee

This nonrefundable fee secures your session date & covers the photographer’s time, talent and post-processing of images plus an in-person ordering appointment in the convenience of your home. Prints and other products are purchased separately. I will travel up to a half hour from Gilbert (85298). Contact me for other travel rates or other special requirements you have.

Children • Family • Seniors • Engagement • Headshots

Session Fee: $250 Special Introductory Price: $150 (Valid through 30 Dec 2010)

  • 1-1.5 hours of shooting time
  • One Location

Holiday Card Special (Valid through 30 Dec 2010)

Session Fee: $75

  • 30-45 min.
  • One Location (of course)
  • Your choice between the following:
    • Includes a custom card design and 20 4x8 cards with envelopes.
    • OR
    • Digital copy and printing rights to one image.

Pricing for additional cards:

  • 50 4x8 cards with envelopes: $75
  • 100 4x8 cards with envelopes: $100
Normal pricing applies to all other prints.


Please contact me for pricing and information.

What Happens After the Shoot

A few weeks after your shoot we’ll schedule another appointment in your home to view the photos and order prints. Print orders take 2-4 weeks depending on size and will be delivered personally to your home.

The best images from your shoot will be watermarked and posted online in low-resolution for viewing and sharing with friends & family. These images are not intended for printing. You are encouraged to repost these images and can qualify for FREE prints if you do so (see below for details).

Free Prints & Other Offers

  • Earn $50 print credit by referring a friend. Credit will be awarded once your friend’s session fee has been paid. Offer valid until 31 Jan 2011.
  • Every dollar spent on pre-ordered prints reduces your sitting fee by $0.50. Pre-order twice the session fee amount for a free session plus a free 8x10! Up to a $290 value!
  • Earn a FREE 4x6 desk print with your order for each of the following:
    • Become a fan or “like” the ShotByDan Facebook page.
    • Post your watermarked proofs to Facebook as a photo album and profile picture.
    • Post your watermarked proofs on your family blog and link back to

Print Pricing

Basic Sizes:
5x7 and smaller or 4 wallets - $25
8x10 - $40
11x14 - $140
16x20 - $220

Additional print sizes are available plus speciality items. If you’ve seen it before I can probably provide it to you.


I'm still working on a plan for my customers to have access to digital copies of my work. I want to deliver amazing prints of your family that you hang on your wall and cherish for decades. I don't want to charge for a CD that you eventually resent because it represents an errand that you don't feel like taking care of. Therein lies my struggle. I'll probably eventually bundle digital versions into large print orders.


  • All sales are final due to the custom nature of my work.
  • Add 6.6% AZ sales tax to all fees & prices. (required by law: don't like it? write your congress representative)
  • Make payments via check or money order to Dan Hixon. Major credit cards are also accepted.


Dan Hixon Photography reserves the right to reproduce all images for portfolio, studio display, gallery display, website, self promotion, photo contests, etc.

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