Asher caught me hugging Jamie in the pantry and asked what I was doing.

“Nothing,” I replied suspiciously.

“Are you snuggling with your mama?” he guessed.

“No, I’m snuggling with YO MAMA!”.

He didn’t get the reference. I’m glad he didn’t get it and I’m glad Jamie did. Gwen was in her high chair eating cheese enchiladas and was probably wondering where we all went.

The names Jamie, Asher, and Gwendolyn mean pure joy to me.

My wife Jamie is a beautiful overflowing package of talent, intelligence, and sweetness. She sings, acts, dances, teaches voice, teaches theatre, directs, writes, sews, loves to read and can probably beat you at scrabble.

Asher is a boy. He's 15 years old. He loves airplanes, electronics, and cars. He is still mourning the loss of my audi that was totaled "We need to get a new red car!". He is usually calm and sweet. He loves to arrange his toys.

Gwen is pretty small for her age and we love that we get to keep our baby for a little longer. We're still getting to know who she is but one thing is for sure: She LOVES music and dancing. She starts bouncing up and down and swinging her arms and head as soon as the music reaches her ears. In her eagerness she'll even start dancing to sounds that aren't technically music.

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