« That's me as a boy.

Perhaps my love of photography was influenced by my father. He purchased a fancy SLR camera when I was little and I became one of his favorite subjects. My siblings complain that there are a disproportionately large number of pictures of me in our family photo album. I remember asking for a camera for my birthday and Christmas several times and my mom explaining she didn't want to pay for film and film processing. I didn't get my first camera until my eighteenth birthday. It was a 0.3 megapixel digital canon camera.

A few camera upgrades and a few million photos later I decided I was ready to shoot professionally. I love looking through the viewfinder, seeing a moment worth capturing, pressing the release button, and hearing the mechanical click of the shutter. I'm interested in the emotional as well as the technical sides of photography. I want to shove the emotion of a moment into a bottle (metaphorically) while estimating the amount of exposure compensation for the scene. I suppose I'm equal parts craftsman and geek.

I grew up at the tail end of a big family. I was in the sixth grade when I became an uncle and now I have over 30 nieces and nephews. Trying to capture images of these kids as they've grown up has been a primary inspiration for growth in my photography skills. And since I've become a father the volume has been turned up to eleven! I absolutely love photographing children in their element. Running, playing, getting dirty, ignoring the camera, or whatever they naturally do.

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